Sunday, “Go ahead and poop, just leave the banner alone”

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Once again the phone rings to wake us up and once again we all wake up in a daze wondering why we are getting up at this hour. Quickly we all realize that it’s to ride so we hop up and get ready to go. Everyone was pretty wiped out from the long day yesterday and was a little timid to get out but as soon as we saw the water, the excitement level jumped up. Andrew had to check out of his room by 10am so we decided to stick around the dam again. I had planned on going back out to Echo Bay and meeting up with everyone from Wake LV again but it was just too hard to pass up the glassy water right out our front door. I figured it was a perfect time to get some shots by Kate Ybarra with the Malibu Boats banner.


I decided that we would put up the Malibu Boats banner and Kate would take some pictures with it before the lake got crowded. Being Sunday and seeing the amount of boats in the parking lot of the hotel, we decided it would be best to do this early. The original plan was to put up the canopy and hang the Banner that Lani from Malibu Boats had sent me but Kate said that it would be hard to see from the distance that we would be at. This posed a problem for a second until Nick said that he had to “drop morning glory”… actually that’s what I called it. So I cruised over to the floating pooper and posted up. As we were sitting there I noticed the mesh covered air vents at the top of the SS Relief and said “ I think we can hang the banner from the mesh and do some dock starts and circle this thing and hit double ups right next to Kate if she stands here.” That would fix all the distance problems as well.


Nick finished doing business and came out and I told him the plan and he was stoked. He knew that dock starts would look cool and loved the idea to do double ups in front of the camera. We zip tied the banner and it fit perfectly. I was proud actually. Nick got out and killed it. It took him one try and he had the dock start down. He would have had it on the first try but it was my fault. I had never driven a dock start before but we got it on the next one. I took him out far enough for the wakes to settle down and came back for the double up. It was perfect. The water dropped to about 12 feet or so at the farthest part of the turn and back to about 30 feet where I would cross the wakes. The depth was perfect to get the wake’s optimal size and shape. The watercolors were also perfect. Nick hit the lip and popped huge. Kate snapped pictures the whole time and nick knew he was way up there. The double up was awesome. Nick grabbed his board on the way up and held it forever. He could have eaten a sandwich up there. He, smartly, let go of the handle before he landed. He got a ton of pop but didn’t get the distance. He came down and cased the landing of the second lip. We did a few more starts and double ups and then it was Andrew’s turn. Andrew had never done a dock start before either. He was spent from the day before as well and the only thing on his mind was landing the tantrum. He jumped off the dock and the timing was just off. He climbed back up and we tried it again and again, the timing was just off. He decided to just ride. Kate was back in the boat and so we headed out and he rode for a bit. This was his second day riding in over a year and after the day yesterday, he was content with what he had done. He finished up his set and never got the tantrum but is close enough that he knows that he will have it when his arms aren’t so tired. We were now out by the wall riding and noticed that someone had pulled up and was messing with our banner. Andrew was still out there and I made a B-line towards the floating bathroom. I circled around like we had been doing all weekend which was a bad move on my part, which I apologize for again if that guy is reading this. My thought was that this guy would see that we had a Malibu boat and a camera with a huge lens on it and would put two and two together and see that it was our banner that he was planning on taking. Apparently he didn’t put two and two together. He stood on the deck and held up two middle fingers…. I instantly turned around to let him know that it was our banner and as nick was telling me to be calm, I could see that he looked like he had been drinking since the night before and the woman that was with him was waving, in a nice way, to us and had a beer in her hand as well. It was 8am…. This wasn’t looking good. The guy yells some things to me and I can tell he is drunk. I apologize to him and say” look man I’m sorry for the wakes but we saw you from way out there (pointing towards the wall) messing with the banner.” He said what the “F” are you talking about and I repeat myself and the woman says sorry, “We won’t take it” to which the drunk guy says, “Look man we just want to take a dump…” and proudly, Nick says back, “Go ahead and take a dump, just leave the banner alone…” How we all kept a straight face, I don’t know but that had to be the quote of the weekend, especially after Nick had done some business an hour before. After Nick told the drunken guy it was ok to dump, we headed out to do some more wakeboarding, all the while keeping an eye on the banner. I wasn’t about to lose something like that. It may seem like just a banner but to me, it was something given to me by Lani at Malibu Boats. This was the first thing given to us for Armada, period. I will have that banner forever and now a story to go with it. Thank you again Lani.


After we see the guy leave, we headed over to grab the banner. Kate felt we had enough shots and everyone was kind of tired. We rolled up the banner and headed back into the dock. I gave Nick my keys and he took Andrew back to the hotel. Andrew was going to check out and head back to California. Nick unhooked the trailer from the truck to keep the front row parking spot and we said our good byes and Andrew was out. Katie and I stayed out on the boat and waited for nick to get back.


Nick got back with some more waters and ice and we decided to just hang out for a while. I emptied all the ballast and we headed out to a cove in the narrows where there were a bunch of cliffs to jump off of. We pulled in and saw some kids jumping from the cliffs. They must have been local, or maybe just crazy, because it was probably a 50-foot jump that these kids were doing. Nick instantly said, “I’m on that!” he swam to shore and started climbing and didn’t realize how high it was until he got there. He wasn’t about to let these kids show him up so he jumped and everyone cheered. Kate got some sweet pics once again and it was time to blow up the floaties. I started pumping up the huge inflatable duck and CWB chair that I had and we had fun trying to balance on these for a while.


We stayed in party cove for a few hours and decided to head to the narrows where we had been on Friday to see what the water was like. Katie decided to sit on the duck in the bow and wave to people as we left and she got a lot of attention. As we pulled into the next cove, there was a herd of big horn sheep. They weren’t bothered by the boats or people at all and Kate had yet another photo opportunity. We snapped some photos and hung out for a few minutes and decided to head out. We tied the duck down in the bow and headed back to the marina. As I was driving, I noticed that everyone had fallen asleep. Kate and Katie were passed out on the back seat and nick was asleep in the inflatable chair. We must have been quite the sight to see as we made our way back across the lake.


Once we got back to the marina, I jumped out and got the truck and Nick, Kate, and Katie all stayed in the boat. People were talking to them and saying that they liked the duck, they could see it from a few hundred yards away. I was in the truck waiting my turn to get the boat out of the water and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as it was my turn, here comes some guy barreling down the ramp and was going to cut in front of everyone that was sitting in the hundred degree heat. I was having none of it. I pulled out to block him and he starts honking at me. I continued to make my turn and back up when he jumped out of his car with no shoes on. All the people in his boat were telling him to get back in the car and wait his turn but he insisted he was going to go. I don’t take lightly to rude people, especially on the launch ramp.


So let me make this picture clear. Here is some guy, a small guy I might add, that cut off about 12 trucks and boats, all of whom were glaring at him in disbelief, who jumps out of his car with no shoes on to start yelling at me. I’m 6’1” and 270 pounds. First I’m shocked that he was lasting so long standing on the super hot cement with no shoes on and then he starts yelling at me….


I say, “what the heck are you doing”

He says, “What the heck are YOU doing?”

I say in a disbelieving voice, “I’m getting my boat out of the water. Go wait your turn like everyone else!”

He says a few choice words and then says, “I don’t even see your boat”

I think to myself, you have to be kidding me “I don’t even see your boat”, no kidding guy. You mean there is no boat on my trailer; shoot what do I do now? I don’t even respond and all the other drivers start yelling at this guy to wait his turn and I just go about my business and Nick gets the boat right on the trailer and we are out of the water before this crazy guy even gets turned around and squared up. We head up to the wipe down area and Nick and Katie start telling me how they saw this guy cut and come down the ramp and knew that I wasn’t going to let him get away with it. Again they praise me on staying calm and say how all the other boaters were talking about how cool it was that someone tell that guy that he was wrong.


We wiped the boat down and headed up to get some Subway and shower. After the showers, we headed in to Vegas to check out the Strip. Nick and Kate had never been. I drove but we were all so tired that we didn’t really want to deal with the people and we drove the strip and headed back to the room. Katie’s fix to our hot room of putting a towel over the vent backfired on us now. Now are room was too hot. Apparently, the towel had caused ice to freeze, blocking the blower so the cold air was not being blown across the room. With all the lights on we see that the thermostat was on the wall and we decided the A/C was broken. I was too tired to even look at it, I just laid on the bed and fell asleep, all the while I could hear what was going on. I just couldn’t muster up the strength to even bother to care. Katie did some complaining and Nick did what he could to fix it. This consisted of tapping on the thermostat and banging on the A/C unit. After he finished taking the cover off the A/C unit and put it back on and banged it again, I said. “Did you fix it?” It wasn’t fixed. All they could come up with through their diagnostics was that because I was closest to the vent, so therefore, “Tony’s big ol’ belly is blocking all the air from going across the room.” I was asleep but heard what they were saying and replied with, “Well at least I’m cool. Kiss my a@#.” They all laughed and Katie called maintenance. He came up and checked it and said that he was going to have to turn the heater on for a while to melt the ice and then it would be fixed. Great, now I was hot. After 20 minutes with the heater on, the ice melted and the cold air started blowing… to the whole room…. And we all went to sleep.


We woke up in the morning and were ready to leave. We showered and packed everything up and headed home, passing by what seemed to be another buttery day. Only one boat on the water since it was Monday, but with as much riding as we had done on as little sleep as we had, we were ready to head out. We say some good things and recap about the weekend and then turned on Dumb and Dumber and headed off into the desert.


Probably one of the best weekends with the best group of people I have ever had. Thanks to everyone involved.


I would like to take a second to thank a few people again.


Thanks to Lani Farmer at Malibu Boats for your support and the banner.

Thanks to Kate Ybarra for the awesome photos and to Nick Nichols for representing ARMADA

Thanks to Emily and Rudolph, and to Andrew for driving out separately to spend time with us. Emily was actually able to finish her triathlon, very sore but finished. Congratulations on that for sure.

Thanks to Daman and Cristin Barron for always showing us a good time and new spots, and thanks for the chase boat

Thanks to Gary and Johnny at Wake LV for setting up the campout. I hope next time we can spend more time out there.

Thanks to Katie, my wife, for supporting all of this.

Thanks to Vanessa Keast.


Thank you to everyone who reads this and is in one-way or another involved with Armada Wake Company.

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