Can’t keep a good thing down

Posted by Armada Wake Company in Apr 18, 2010, under wakeboard

Well, Armada has been pretty quiet for the winter months. After an amazing trip to Lake Mead and second place finish for Nick Nichols at Riverfest, some amazing sets with Kieth McAlevey and some winching, I fell into some hard times. The current financial situation left me with some of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. I had to get rid of my boat. I was in a pretty bad place mentally. Aside from losing the Malibu Boat, I was trying to figure out how to continue with my visions for ARMADA WAKE COMPANY. I didn’t think I could do it but I realized that the Malibu wasn’t what made this awesome team, It’s the amazing people involved with ARMADA and the people that support our team. So after some serious self reflection and a new found love for the Lord and church, I’m in a much better place now. I had never gone to church before but through friends, my wife and I have found a church that really makes me see how great life and everything in it is.

So things may not be going the way I thought they were going to go but I’m back on track and have a ton of new ideas. Watch out for some great things to come from the guys at ARMADA WAKE COMPANY this summer. I may have been down but never out. We are still here to support the up and coming riders that need some exposure and to support the ones who support us. 

If anyone needs a third or some awesome guys to ride with that know how to do it right, let me know. We are always down to ride.

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